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India has always been a destination that possesses a rich flora and fauna and has allowed growing and prospering. There is no shortage of amazing nature reserves, game reserves, national parks and many other areas, which are intended for the protection and conservation of wildlife. Adventure enthusiasts, wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy this place to visit and appreciate the beauty of God’s creatures on the planet earth that have manifested themselves in this beautiful area. These days, there are  number of tourists who are visiting these areas for more and more wild experiences.

Although there are many awesome places that must be visited by nature lovers, it is one of them that has a lot of interest for them, Valley of the National Park Flower Trek is. In Uttrakhand, surrounded by Tibet and Nepal, the Himalayan Valley is an amazing variety of beautiful and attractive alpine flowers. It seems that if a carpet of brightly colored flowers was laid on the whole surface. Another popular national park, which is located in the state of Uttrakhand, is Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and trek, which was established to protect endangered species of snow leopard.  Many other rare species can be seen here. The park is surrounded by Garhwal Himalayas.

Trekkers like to visit the Gangotri Trek National Park, which is known for its adventure, but also the scenic route that extends over the Himalayan region. Trekkers enjoy the stunning views of the famous Gangotri glacier and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature. This national park is located near the village, in the Chribasa Uttrakashi district at an altitude of 10,000 feet. While enjoying the splendor of the majestic Himalayas, also loves avid hikers Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek, known for beautiful scenery that unfolds under the eyes belong. Another Trekking option for fun lovers Pin Valley National Park Trek, which is close to the Spiti River, which flows from the giant Himalayan range. The total trekking route is simply incredible and offers a variety of panoramic views to enjoy. Panoramic views remain when you move.

The latest addition to the long list of national parks in India is the Great Himalaya Trek National Park. It is located in the district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Dense forests, beautiful natural landscapes, meadows, rare wildlife and many other attractions are available to inspire Trekker.

People who are looking to experience the majestic Snow Leopard can plan a hike tour at the Hemis National Park to the Ladakh Trek area. Although this park is located in a protected forest area, it is open to the Trekker. Ibex observations are frequent in this national park. If we look forward to enjoying the rare vegetation and trees, a visit to the Singalila Trek National Park is a great idea, as here you can enjoy hemlock, oak, fir and silver juniper much more. The whole area has seeing mesmerizing sites and enjoy. A trip to Varsey Sanctuary Rhododendron is like a journey to paradise. This marveled backdrop in the state of Sikkim should enjoy breathtaking sights of visitors.

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