There are several destinations in India that offer high-end river rafting options. This sport has potential to become very popular in India. In Uttarakhand the rivers Ganga, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi allows rafting. This is super adventurous activity and a perfect way to experience an adrenaline high. Some of the major rafting destinations in India are –

The Alaknanda River Rafting:

All Rafting enthusiasts enjoy rafting activities in the River, and this adventure begins from Chamoli and continues to Rishikesh. The adventure takes seven days. There are high rapids in the area like Kakad Fall, the Wall, Hillary Fall and more. The thrilling experience of enjoying rafting has attracted lots of
The Spiti – Pin River Rafting:

It is located in the Kullu Valley, which is more like a cold desert, as it surrounds high ridges, glaciers, pastures, wide valleys and fast moving rivers. This is a famous rafting destination. The Spiti-Pin River
Expedition begins from Spiti and travels nearly 100 km, crosses through this amazing valley.

The Brahmaputra River Rafting:

This adventure activity takes place in the river Brahmaputra, which is also called Tsangpo when it comes from Tibet (Origin point). It crosses the mighty Himalayas and Tibet andriver rafting begins from tuting area and covers 180 km of Pasighat. There are dense forests on both sides that add a thrill and adventure in this adventurous journey.

The Kali / Sarda River Rafting:

This is another exciting adventure activity- Kali Valley rafting. This area was famous as the Tibet Trade Route. Many people with an adventurous spirit love to pamper rafting in Kali or Sarda River. People
enjoy exciting rafting activities which is counted as difficult. Bouncy and great rapids are very enjoyable and exciting to enjoy. Thick forest cover makes this expedition interesting and exciting.

Lower Tons River Rafting:

Amazing Garhwal areas is explored In the lower clay river rafting. The river comes from mountain Bundarpunchh and flows through the areas of Uttrakhand. This river also separates the Himachal
Pradesh and Uttrakhand states. It offers an electrifying rafting experience after the initial run. People having the Love to raft enjoy this rafting as it allows them to experience a variety of exciting options.

The Kameng River Rafting:

Kameng river is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. This river rafting is a dream destination for adventure lovers and enjoys thrilling experience . This area was now explored with special permission.
This place is untapped and has plenty of potential for rafters as after their visit they are able to enjoy a unique rafting experience. Beautiful gorges and rapids offer a lot of thrill and fun to the activity.

The Zanskar River Rafting:

Zanskar river rafting is an experience that is unmatched and incomparable to any other place in the world. This area is not only known for its natural beauty, which is reflected in gigantic snow-covered
mountains, hill monasteries, deep canyons, sleepy mountains, unique wildlife but also displays amazing Zanskar Valley and the Zanskar meander through the ravines. People enjoy the fast rafting in the rapids and enjoy a dose of adrenaline rush like never before!