Peak Climbing

A Growing Adventure Sport- Peak Climbing in Indian Himalayas

One of the exquisite adventures in India, the highest peak climbing “Himalayas” is to take sharp peaks
offered by rigorous and rough terrain of mountain regions. As a popular sport among adventure lovers,
peak climbing takes physical endurance, extreme guts and mental strength to get to the top of the
summit. With an imperative array of high mountain peaks, fascinating scenic beauty and deep
wilderness; Indian Himalayas are a great choice to venture on an exciting and exciting trip of peak
climbing, while witnessing brilliant views of scenic surroundings and defying the challenges of rough

Best mountaineering in India

The regions of Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, prove to be the best of
the destinations in India to begin a mountain climbing expedition. They offer you unrivaled challenges of
walking across glacier beds, crossing rocky moraines, climbing steep rock faces and ascending
perpendicular sharp slopes; A climbing adventure in these regions also gives you the opportunity to
experience the fascinating beauty of the green oak and pine forests, alpine meadows, rhododendron
bushes, bubbling streams and charming glacier lakes. Some of the hardest summits to climb in these
regions include Kedar Dome, Mount Shivlinga, Mount Satopanth, Bhagirathi group of peaks, Mount
Kamet and Mount Trishul.

Best time for top expedition in India

The ideal time for expedition in these areas is between the months of mid-June to September / mid-
October. Even if these months are very favorable for peak climbing, it is advisable to get an insight into
weather and snow conditions before the expedition.

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